“More than 52% of the workforce are unhappy and disengaged at work.”

Forbes - Gallup

"44% of employees give peer-to-peer recognition – if and when they have the tools to do so.”

Forbes - Gallup

“20% of employees name camaraderie and peer motivation as the number one reason they’re willing to go the extra mile at work."

Forbes - Gallup

"A simple thank you, delivered in the right way, can boost employee performance as much as 44%."

Forbes - Gallup

Karmacards wants to help you improve and maintain your company culture.

There’s no shortage of research proving it: when your employees are happy, motivated and engaged on the job, they’re more productive.Unfortunately, large numbers of workers are disengaged. The key to unlocking their full potential? An amazing company culture. As they say: culture eats strategy for breakfast, and helps you keep your company innovative and ahead of the competition.

There are, however, no quick fixes or shortcuts to a great culture. Building one is a process that takes time and conscious effort to keep up with a changing mindset. Karmacards is a piece of that puzzle, offering you tools to maintain your company culture.

The best managers are not just bosses, but coaches.

The driving factors for motivation have shifted: it’s about more than just a paycheck.

Culture is the best weapon in the war for talent.

Strong values and positive communication are the keys to great culture.

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How does it work?


An intelligent dashboard

You can use the Karmacards dashboard to see upcoming events – holidays, coworkers’ birthdays – and other reminders to send a card and increase your Karma.


A superpowered editor

Our easy-to-use editor lets you create fun and engaging cards, using the built-in artwork and your own images, and send them off to spread some happiness.


Amazing results

With Karmacards, you can help spread positive communication and great vibes throughout your company and brings a few smiles to everyone’s workday.

Your company’s karma


The power of positive communication

Positive, respectful and playful communication is a key element in a motivating workplace. Karmacards provides your employees with the tools to make this happen.


Insightful statistics

The Karmacards platform gathers and analyses usage data. These intelligent analytics will help you chart successes and identify roadblocks.


Build on key values

Karmacards offers a fun way to help you install, sustain and promote great business behaviour in your company, turning your key values from HR guidebooks to real-life practice.

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Easy onboarding

We want to make it as easy as possible for your company to get started with Karmacards, integrating it into your existing workflows. To get you going, the platform can import your employees’ contact data from ESNs like Yammer and Slack, from Google Apps, and through classic CSV.

Fully customizable

Karmacards should be a part of your company, so you can tailor it to suit your needs. You can apply your company’s branding to the entire platform, add your own artwork to use in cards, choose to remind employees of certain specific events and occasions, and more.

Contextual & relevant

Our smart dashboard keeps you informed about upcoming events, the e-cards you’ve received, and personal and company-related statistics – and of course, you can respond with an e-card, straight from your feed.

An editor with superpowers

Our e-card editor embraces your creativity and helps you create beautiful e-cards every time! An easy-to-use interface, high-quality graphics and the ability to use your images and branding are just the tip of the Karma iceberg.

Insightful stats

You can quickly review the viral spread of positive vibes through your company with our stats. The platform allows management more insight into what makes their team tick, and personalize the approach for each employee.

Earn Karma

The platform uses a motivational scoring system to keep team members involved. We promote positive communication by implementing elements from gamification theory, rewarding positive behaviour with fun and thoughtful badges and milestones.


The benefits

Celebrate every day

Research shows that people are built to connect – but in professional contexts, they sometimes lack the tools to do so. Karmacards wants to bridge that gap and help them build a great culture.

Highly customizable

Our platform can be customized to fit in with your company’s style. And you hold the reins: our versatile, powerful tools allow you to manage your teams, contacts, assets and events with a few clicks.

Affordable & transparent

We want to surprise you with beautiful e-cards – not with hidden expenses on your monthly bill. Our prices are completely transparent: a fixed amount per user, per month.

Environmentally friendly

Karmacards cares about the environment, and we know you do too! Our smart statistics will show you and your recipients how many trees you’ve saved by choosing a digital format for your thoughtful note.

Employer branding

A great culture will turn your employees into ambassadors, building a reputation for your organisation as a great place to work in the minds of potential hires and other important stakeholders.

Building values through data

Great vibes are hard to measure – you’ll know them when you see them. Our analytics will, however, help you identify disturbances and strong points in your cultural force, so that you can help it spread more easily.


Pricing will be transparent, open & cheaper than a stamp!

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